Interior-Exterior Design Perfect for a Holiday Home

Each of us want a holiday home in which to take refuge and relax, away from urban congestion.
What could be better than a holiday home in the mountain?
This beautiful and attractive  residence   is somewhere in the 1103 m altitude, and surrounding landscape is amazing. Here,in this dream house, you get the privacy, comfort, relaxation and outdoor activities. This beautiful ans special house , personal liking of the owner, worth not less than $ 6,900,000. On the outside you can see it is built only of wood, namely walnut, a very fine wood, hard and recognized by its aroma. It is an all-inclusive vacation home! Not missing anything. It has a spacious garden with a lawn and trees perfectly along the alley, a elegant pool and of course, it is accessorized with flowers and chairs on the sidelines. The interior is very complex, consisting of four double bedded rooms, two spacious and modern living rooms, five bathrooms, long hallway with stairs interipare, all equipped with kitchen, office room, library room, inside and outside terrace. 
All rooms offer spectacular mountain views, garden and surrounding landscape. Enjoy the photos:

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