Outdoor summer kitchen

If you live at home and want a bit of innovation in the summer, you can make a summer kitchen in your own garden. If you have a garden grill, even better, you can cook  right on it, if your pocket allows you to buy wood and coal :)
The idea is simple, if not satisfied with a grill, you can grab even sink, stove or refrigerator. Stove is ok if you put onthe cylinder.
Pull out in your garden, a table, some chairs, a couch. But remember, make sure you cover all the accessories forrain. It's ok if you have a roof  above  which you intend to put foreign cuisine. For outdoor kitchen, you should choose hard wood material that does not rot from moisture and other factors. Themahogany wood is stronger or cedar. We present a series of representative images that can inspire the creation of a summer kitchen:

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