The Luxury Lomme Bed: A unique and modern bed design

The unique and creatively luxurious designed Lomme bed is made in an egg-shaped, pod-type design. The bed was created by Polish designer, Agneiszka Bernacka, after two years of research in sleep habits, problems and therapies. This bed uses cutting edge technology to give the sleeper greater sound proof coverage and delivers as they called it “sound therapy” eliminating exterior disturbances bringing the owner an overall feeling of security and protection. Of course, it’s not just any old bed and doesn’t just look nicely designed, it even contains an area designed to carry objects such as ipods, mp3 players, and other devices producing a therapeutic light/sound sleeping experience that will sooth your mind, body, and soul. Not surprisingly, the Lomme bed doesn’t come cheap.t’s currently priced at $63,063.from Bouf.
 Enjoy some fresh photos with it:


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  1. The luxury lomme bed is unique and modern. Have a look at it

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