Fresh Modern Apartment in Lunden, Germany

This three-bedroom apartment located in Lunden, Germany its currently on the market for 1.9 million SEK. Even though its not a very large apartment, it’s spacious and functionally decorated. It’s great for a small family or a couple with children. The apartment is situated in a building that dates back to 1932. However, the apartment has been renovated in 2008 and it’s in very good condition. During the renovation, several changes have been made. For example, the apartment got new floors, new paint of the walls and ceilings and new interiors for the kitchen and bathroom. The living room is spacious, with an irregular floor plan. It has windows on two directions and walnut parquet floors.During the renovation , it also got new appliances, plus a new machine washing machine.This apartment is functional and features plenty of storage space. The master bedroom has a double bed with nightstands, five closets and a small work area with a desk and shelves. The other bedroom can be easily turned into an office of a children’s room.Listed on stadshem. Enjoy the photos, and we like to know your opinion.


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