Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

This modern kitchen design pic illustrates free-flowing lines in both the unusual light fixture over the table and the shelf/light fixture above the peninsula. Splashes of red throughout the space add warmth and energy. The darkness of the flooring and lower cabinets is offset by the light wall color and the large window. Some of these modern kitchen design pictures are simply stunning. The imagination of the designer is no longer limited by the structural restrictions of natural materials. Modern kitchen cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes now take on new shape and texture with the availability of new materialThis series of kitchen photos allows you to dream and gain ideas for your ideal modern kitchen. Striking contrasts colors and materials are used for backsplashes which accent or blend with countertops usually decorated with a minimalistic theme. Stainless steel or custom finished appliances are complimentary to the designs. Kitchen islands are functional in modern designs. With glass cabinet doors and large windows, you can't get a space more transparent than that.


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  1. Great posts you have made; I love this modern kitchen design pic. You have shared interesting stuff. Ideas are very helpful.