An Apartment in Downtown Lisbon

Designed by FORWARD, this apartment in downtown of Lisbon was originally a place of refuge for the young cosmopolitan couple who seeks peace and relaxation, forgetting the daily congestion. He entire apartment is surrouder by its sophisticated and relaxed environment, with light and comfortable areas, with clean elegant lines, marked by the reflexes of the mirrors that extend the vertical elements subdividing them, and by the lighting shapes that emphasize architectural details, setting directions and giving rhythm and some drama to the different sceneries planned for home living. The apartment is characterized by its timeless environment, clean and elegant, where the functionality of each room is tried, associated to the creation of several day and night sceneries, which come to life when occupied or experienced.For all these ideas we must congratulate the stuff from FORWARD.


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  1. I wouldn't mind living there. I'd trade my flat for it :D